New blog Pins and Tucks!

So sorry I haven’t posted in ages, but I have just created a new blog, about sewing and vintage fashion! if you would like to please take a look as this will be my main blog from now on!



My little pet hate…

Overpricing! I absolutely hate overpricing! Whenever I see a stall or shop that is selling something that I know for a fact is under half the price they are selling at I have this massive urge to go up to all the people by the stall and tell them about it. Weird I know, but I think its disgusting how badly people get ripped off.

For instance, I made a couple of cute tea cup candles from some vintage teacups I found in a market at Christmas. The tea cups cost £4 each, and a huge bag of wax was £3, and only 4 chunks of the wax was needed for each teacup. So that’s roughly £5 per tea cup. Naturally you have to make a decent profit so add on up to £10 or so, allowing for differences in the teacups. A lady at a fair I went to was selling them for £30 each! It made me so annoyed because I would never sell them for more than £15. Insulting to your customers…

Another thing, I went into a designer warehouse and I found a dress I bought from somewhere else in there. I look at the price tag and it had the ‘original’ price on it- £160!  It in fact cost me £60, so just a  tad optimistic in pricing. A simple blazer was also claimed to have been £450- I need say no more.

I could quite literally rant on about this for hours, but I expect you’re a it bored by now, so I’ll leave it at that…

But I’d love to hear any stories about your pet hates! 🙂