DIY skirt

DIY skirt

After making some bits and bobs for a while, I finally the my mind to making an item of clothing. I flicked through my various craft books, and found an amazing tutorial for a skater skirt, form DIY couture (such a good book) .

Making clothes is really difficult to grasp at first, and I had to do the measurements 3 times, but after a bit I really got the hang of it. They’re so simple to make, such a spherical piece with a waist band, and you don’t even have to do any pleats! Its taken me 3 hours so far, for my first one, and all I have to do now is do bias binding of the bottom, because I don’t have the skill nor the patience to hem it quite just yet! Not entirely sure when in the near future i’m going to wear it because in the uk its 1 degree at the moment, but fingers crossed.

I’ll post pictures of mine up soon! 🙂 Would love to hear comments and you should definately get the book


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