Vatican City

Vatican City

For the third day of my adventure in Rome, I decided to visit the Vatican City, the worlds smallest nation. Thankfully I booked tickets in advance- because the queue was about half a mile long just to get into the ticket office! There is no feeling like it when you smugly prance past the queue of sweaty, bedraggled tourists with the booking form in your hand. Or is that just me?

After I- and hundreds of other tourists got in I was stuck in what seemed to me a bit like an image of Hell. Cramped in long (beautiful yes but that didn’t really help the situation) corridors squished by (not even kidding) at least 3 tours in every room of about 25 people all speaking different languages. Not my cup of tea. So my excursion tuned into a military operation, trying to duck through the camera waving tangle of people and putting good distance between me and the nearest tour.

However, once you put the complete lack of any system, no signage, and claustrophobic rooms behind you, it was brilliant. But really, it was so beautiful, and definitely worth it, because after all- no pain, no gain.

The Sistine chapel is the most breathtaking, awe inspiring thing I have ever seen, and the Vatican itself is amazing. the painting is something you will probably never see anyone do in your lifetime because stuff like that is just not done anymore.
But one tip, go at lunch because then everyone is eating, and book in advance!


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