The City of Ostia Antica

The City of Ostia Antica

Today, for my last full day in Rome, I went to visit the nearby roman city of Ostia Antica. In its heyday, it was the main roman port on the Mediterranean, and was a thriving city.

To get there I had to get 2 tube trains, and then a train, which are not Italy’s finest points. I finally arrived in the sunny, but dusty, railway station of Ostia Antica. The ruins looked majestic and imposing as I approached, and when standing at the foot of the City’s extremely well-preserved amphitheatre, you really get an idea of what it looked like. All of the buildings’ foundations are intact, and many of them still have the first and second floors so you can go up stairs to take a view of the city from one of its buildings.

There are so many beautiful mosaics, especially in the public baths where you can see the images of fish on the tiled floor as well as the baths themselves. One of the buildings was a tavern, remarkably well preserved so you can see the wall paintings and the shelves are even still covered in marble! The original oven and terrace are still there too, and it was lovely to while away the time sitting out in the sun.

It was also a very popular destination for school tours, however I dread to think what Pompeii would be like! Really would recommend a visit, though as it was a city, it is really big so very very tiring…


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