Post-holiday blues

Post-holiday blues

After such a lovely holiday in Rome, is seems so depressing to be sitting in my cold house in rainy Britain. Its not even just the weather, which is already very depressing- Rome just felt so much more alive. I suppose, like every holiday, you feel separated from reality in a little bubble of your own. Whenever I think of the next few months until august, when I will next be going on holiday, I don’t exactly jump with excitement.

I guess I should consider myself lucky that I went in the first place, and its not as if my life is entirely dull. After all, its the memories that count, and if we were on holiday all the time (bliss!), it wouldn’t be special any more…


4 thoughts on “Post-holiday blues

  1. I feel like this happens to me with every trip! There is something about being out there, somewhere else, doing something different. I’m sure being in Rome didn’t help lessening that feeling when you got back, that place is pretty awesome ; )

  2. I always feel so depressed after any holiday – even long weekends away! I find it really difficult to unpack & often don’t for days. I too loved Rome, especially the Trevi Fountain – so romantic!

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