My latest obsession…

My latest obsession...

I adore my beautiful new satchel! I am currently obsessed with it and take it out everywhere with me… who said diamonds were a girl’s best friend? I say its the handbag, for sure.

It’s fluorescent pink, and is real leather. I’m very pleased with myself because I got it at the country living spring fair (I’m perhaps just a tad younger than their average target market age of 50 but who cares) for a last day half price! Only £50 which isn’t bad because to the rest of the world it looks like I’ve got a Cambridge satchel, or a Zatchel bag (stunning but expensive makes).

The only downside is that it has proper fastenings, they aren’t for decoration which means its difficult to open and close, however at least this means its practically impossible to be pickpocketed!

The make is Bohemia, and they have whole range of colours and tons of other great stuff too- so its worth a look- their moroccan pouffes (love that word) are divine 🙂


5 thoughts on “My latest obsession…

      • The quality looks amazing though, lots of satchels on Amazon that I think are a bit over priced. I wanted an oilcloth satchel a few months ago, and looked everywhere, Amazon included. Took me ages to find the right one, at the right price. I don’t mind spending a bit more if the quality is really good, but some prices are just rip offs for substandard materials, stitching etc, even though it is ‘brandname’ articles.

      • I know, I only like spending money on things if either the cut is amazing, the fabric is amazing or the detail is amazing, otherwise I’ll just stick to the high street and fakey lux fabrics! 🙂

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