About me

this is the blog of a vintage-obsessed girl who loves fashion, sewing and all things glittery. Shopping is my number 1 love, and I adore finding little shops that no one else knows about, especially ones where a bargain is always in store.
I love making things, clothes, gifts and cakes! I post pictures of all the stuff I make, and anything inspiring that I see. I love to hear comments, and I will answer whenever I can.


8 thoughts on “About me

  1. Thanks so much for coming to my blog! As a fellow vintage-lover, I’m happy that you did. I post a true vintage fashion item every day – and they are all from my own personal closet.(I must admit that I have a pretty big closet). Thanks also for the LIKE. We all love support. Being crafty and able to sew is a big advantage if you collect vintage!

  2. thanks for coming to mine in return! the blue dress on your blog is beautiful! I’ve really got to search for good vintage things because mostly all the good things are far too expensive for my budget! πŸ™‚

      • If ever I’m up North I would sure love to go there, as from your description is sounds just the type of market I would love. Great items at great prices πŸ™‚

      • We will be going up to Scotland in June, but won’t even get close to Blackpool this time as we are taking a different route via Newcastle. But I sure will keep it in mind for other trips though, thank you.

        If ever you are in East Sussex, do go to Rye. They have got the most awesome vintage and antique shops ever. It is a tiny little town with about 6-7 shops like that. The prices are really good too, nothing like up in London, were you would sometimes pay an arm and a leg.

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